Monthly Management Plans 

Our monthly remote maintenance plans have been designed to give you peace of mind. They include all of the support, including client visits if required, that you will need within the flat monthly fee structure.  We get rave reviews about our managed support services.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring 
We monitor, maintain and support your IT infrastructure 24/7. We identify issues early on and keep your business running. Monitoring also help us work out where improvements can be made.

Reduced Costs 
We’ll help your company save time and money while providing you with excellent service and tech support. We understand the challenges you face and can help you improve your IT performance with cost-effective managed IT services.

Email Protection
Protect your business from malware, phishing, and other email-borne threats. We use sophisticated threat detection methods to protect your business against cyber threats providing you with the best-in-class spam and AV filtering and mailbox continuity

Backup Recovery
Protect your data with sophisticated backup and rapid disaster recovery. Back up everything, including workstations, servers, and even virtual machines and servers. Backups can be set for anything from individual files to applications, all the way to full systems.

Asset and Inventory
We can keep track of all Assets that we manage (any device connected to the network) and will advise on need for service and/or replacement.

We also report monthly on all major movements in Inventory.

Network Management
Reduce network outages and improve performance. Networks are vital both for internal and for external communications. Continuous monitoring and real-time event correlation of your network activities will give you better situational awareness of your IT environment.

Firewall Security Management
We protect firewalls and your network with the right tools. We monitor firewalls, network traffic devices and apps to identify abnormal activity, unexpected access attempts and potential threats. We simply keep track of all firewall activities.

Patch Management
We monitor and detect patch-related vulnerabilities on all machines within a network and provide a fast and efficient method to correct them immediately. Patch management and continuous delivery of updates help businesses avoid (or at least decrease) downtime.

Managed IT Services should save your business thousands. Contact us to talk about your business challenges.

Server Management Services

Network Management Services

Security Management Services