Device Tracking

Elevate productivity with streamlined device tracking. Utilize a secure, multi-OS solution for peace of mind and efficient monitoring.

Geolocation Tracking

Enhance security by accurately tracking your devices within your fleet's daily operations. Our solution combines GPS, Wi-Fi triangulation, and GeoIP for precise location data, ensuring the safety and security of your phones, laptops, and tablets.

Location History

Comprehensively examine the actions and movements of a missing device, with particular significance in incident scenarios. This feature enables you to effectively retrace the device's path, facilitating timely actions for its secure recovery.

Geofencing & Alerts

Effectively oversee all fleet activities and receive real-time notifications when devices breach predefined security zones. Stay vigilant and well-prepared to address any potential incidents, ensuring the safety and security of your assets and personnel.

Remote Screen Lock

Ensure unauthorized access prevention with our quick and user-friendly feature. Securely lock screens on phones, tablets, and laptops remotely, safeguarding your devices from unwanted intrusions, all from the convenience of your location.

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