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EFTPOS and POS terminals serve as the nerve center of retail operations, allowing businesses to process payments swiftly and securely. EFTPOS terminals are specifically designed for processing card-based transactions, enabling customers to make purchases using debit or credit cards. On the other hand, POS terminals encompass a broader spectrum, incorporating EFTPOS capabilities along with additional features like inventory management, sales reporting, and customer relationship management.

All in One POS Terminals.

POS Software Integrations

Integrating POS terminals with robust software solutions extends functionality. POS software can include features like loyalty programs, sales analytics, and employee management, further optimizing business operations.

Intelligent Thermal Receipt Printer

Intelligent Thermal Receipt Printer

Receipt printers are crucial for generating transaction receipts promptly. Thermal printers, in particular, offer fast and efficient printing, reducing waiting times for customers. Additionally, businesses can customize receipts with branding elements or promotional messages.

Cash Drawers

Cash Drawers

Cash drawers provide a secure and organized space to store cash, checks, and receipts. Integration with POS systems ensures that the cash drawer opens automatically upon completing a transaction, maintaining accuracy in cash handling.

Bar Code Scanners

Bar Code Scanners

We offer Omni-Directional Barcode Scanners, high performance 1D and 2D scanner ideal for retail Point-of-Sale (POS) and warehouse applications – perfect for self-service kiosks, price lookup systems, access control, and more.

Integrated EFTPOS Terminals


Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one countertop solution or a PIN pad POS device, Verifone's range of products is designed with convenience, security, and simplicity in mind. From basic payment acceptance to more advanced features and functionality, these devices provide merchants with the tools and flexibility they need to operate efficiently and effectively.

LCD Touch Monitors

Customer Displays

Customer displays enhance transparency during transactions by providing customers with a clear view of the items being scanned and the transaction total. This not only builds trust but also minimises errors.



Windcave is the leading EFTPOS solution that integrates with most major point-of-sales systems. If you have a PC at the point of sale, it's a small step to add integrated EFTPOS which then links your PC to an EFTPOS PINpad. Windcave offers significant cost savings and value-adding features that no other device can, it exceeds all global security standards and future proofs against any new mandates.

Point Of Sale Consumables

Point Of Sale Consumables

Thermal Paper rolls in different sizes for Eftpos terminals and thermal receipts printers. Cloud-based, Touchscreens, Windows, Mac Or Android.

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